Could an "ugly girl" get dates if she "puts out"?

i've been researching on the lives of unattractive and attractive women. down in comments of articles, there's two types of men : the first one stating that any women can get a guy, and the second one stating that it's not entirely true unless she's ugly and very promiscuous.

so is it true that unattractive women can get guys as long as it is on drunken nights or friends with benefit relationships? or is it quicker for unattractive women to get real loving relationships?

is being an unattractive girl and trying to date (approaching guys as well) difficult or being a beautiful women harder? or equally difficult?


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  • 1) are we talking about talking about just getting laid or a relationship? Putting out is a great way for any woman to have just sex, it is not a great way to have a relationship.

    2) Are you ugly because you are lazy and don't take care of your self or do you tale care of you self but don't like your face?

    If you take care of yourself and are kind you will not have a problem getting dates.

    • this question wasn't talking about me but just in general. and i mean as in the only way she'll attract guys is if she puts out if she's ugly or can she get approached by guys and have a normal relationship regardless of whether she's attractive or not.

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  • I've seen questions on G@G by girls who feel frustrated because they are pretty , but guys are only interested in sex with them. Not a loving long-term relationship.

    So I think a lot of people , regardless of their appearance find it difficult to find someone who they can have a relationship with

    I think attractive people are approached and pursued more than unattractive people , but not always for a relationship.

    If someone feels unattractive or" ugly" then they should try to improve their appearance , and what can't be improved to changed then they'd need to change their outlook on how they feel about themselves. Or they'll forever feel unhappy


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  • How ugly are we talking here?

  • me I'm to the point to where I would rather date an ugly woman cause I'm sick and tired of attractive women


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  • She can only get one night stands if she puts out.

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