Girls, Does it means that she likes me if she replies fast to my text?

Normally, I would have to text her first almost 60-70% all of the time. I did text her first last Sunday and we ended up texting each other for an hour or more and she would stay online with me and reply me within a minute for all messages. The next day which is (monday) i did not text her because i wanted to see if she is interested in me so i didn't text her and she didn't text me. The next day which is (tuesday) she texted me and wishing me happy birthday and we ended up talking for 2 hours non-stop and we talked about a girl who likes me at work and she happens to know her too. I told her that i have no feelings for that girl and now she knows it and then i started by saying don't you have anybody that likes you during work? and she said yes and i said what do you do? She said she ignore them and probably thinks that they are nice maybe not like. I was wondering if she likes me because she didn't ignore me but instead we texted each other for like good 2 hours and more and each messages, she replies within a min and we texted till late night even though she was tired and she didn't tell me until i asked her.

Question is,
-does it mean that if she replies to your message fast means she likes you?
-she normally doesn't online and when she does, it will be both of us texting each other.
-she knows that i don't like that girl but still ask me to try and i wonder if she is testing me.
-last message was that she told me not to stressed about that girl that likes me.
-Even if you guys are friend, will you still text each other for so long and reply like within a minute?
-What are other tips that i can find to see if she likes me?


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  • Not necessarily. But it is indeed a positive thing because it means she enjoys conversing with you.


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