Girls, would you date the "strong silent type"?

You know like the guy who's quiet but isn't a pushover?

  • Yes
    84% (46)
  • No
    11% (6)
  • Other
    5% (3)
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  • Quiet guys can be sexy, but I'm already kinda quiet myself, so I'd prefer a guy that was confident and talked more, but at the same shutup and know when to just listen.

    • Well, maybe he's quiet towards other people but with you he's an open book. Who knows, maybe he'll be the one breaking you out of your shell a bit, haha.

    • Haha I'm an ambivert so I'm actually also very hyper goofy/silly with people I'm close with and love otherwise I tend to be quiet. I want a man that is opposite to me, leaning more towards the extroverted side or an ambivert like myself. In the end my true is my true love and I can't reject him just cause he didn't match up to everything on my criteria.

    • I happen to be an introvert with an extroverted side but not quite yet an ambivert lmao. Just like you I too love being goofy and joking around with people I'm close to and friends with but when it comes to strangers I can be pretty serious. When it comes to dating/relationships, I don't care who she is as long as she can accept my lifestyle lol.

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