I texted a girl too many times! Could I get a second chance?

After experiencing a bad break-up, I became insecure and lost a big part of my convidence. During this period me and a girl I've liked for quite some time started texting. We hit it off pretty well, with both of us asking questions, sharing videos and making funny comments. This continued for about two weeks. Because of my not yet regained convidence, I didn't ask her out at that time.

Slowly I sensed that she began losing interest. She took more
te to respond and ultimately stopped send me messages at all. This is where I made a huge mistake: I kept double or triple texting to kind of force a response. She always did answer, but the enthousiasm was clearly gone.

I have a high chance of bumping into her regularly and I would really like to talk to her. Do you think I am able to get a second chance? And if so, what will I do when I bump into her?

Should I talk about or apologize for texting her too many times? Or should I act like nothing happened and focus on getting her to go out with me some time? Or should I do something completely different?


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  • I am sorry, but she is not interested. Do not apologize her for anything. Move on and learn your lesson.


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  • The best thing to do is do nothing. Don't text her, don't talk to her unless you see her. You had a window that you kinda fucked up, but that's cool. Just give it time and focus on other things for the time being. You have her number.

    In a couple months, feel free to text her. But for right now you need to get back to living your life. You weren't doing that before, which is why you got so hung up on just the text convo with this girl. You didn't have anything else going on in your life and this was what you had to look forward to... change that.

    Workout if you're not already, focus on school/work, hangout with friends. Talk to other girls (dating them would be best). If she doesn't contact you in that timeframe and you still feel like it, then feel free to drop a line to her. But for now you need to "do you" and not worry about this girl. She'll be around.


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  • She already lost interest before you started harassing her. No

    • What do you mean with harassing? I've never been rude in any kind of way, just texted more than she did.

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    • From what amount is it harassing? I quit at three texts.

    • You knew she didn't want to keep talking and literally said you were trying to force her to respond by sending three texts every time she didn't reply. That's harassment. I'd feel harassed.

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  • Talk to her in person, but don't be surprised of she doesn't seem interested. Honestly, been there, done that. If I were in your position, I wouldn't really be worried about talking to and texting girls. Right now you confidence is at a low and you should be working on yourself and self confidence. Once your head is straight, everything else falls into place.