A guy that I am seeing, having sex with other woman, why?

Hay, I want to ask about this guy I am seeing.. It's only been three weeks and he said that he really really really likes me after we had dinner in his place for the first time. Before, he saw me in the restaurant and in front of the mosque, he noticed me while I am not, anyway... He has my we chat and he sent me messages like "hay, I saw you in that restaurant an agan, hey I saw you again in front of mosque... Bla bla bla" messages, and end up I met him for dinner in his place, on rainy windy night after work and I still trying to look for a taxi, full of effort because I wanted to keep my promise, and finally, I met him and had dinner and I closed to stay in his place at the first time meet. But, no sex, because I am a virgin and I didn't do sex before marriage (he is also a Muslim). After seeing each other very much, I never say wether I liked him or no, and he always says that he likes me, because we are form different country and it is really difficult for the future. (I stayed in China for school and work, either he). He is from Mauritius and I am from Indonesia. And I told him, (hey, it is fine to you having another dates) and he said (no babe, I am not doing that) and I said (it is okay, if you want to...) and he started to meet this Chinese girl, she just moved to city and they meet and have sex (this guy, I am seeing is telling her about me, but at the first place he is not telling me about her, I knew because I opened his mobile phone and I insisted him to talk). We went to Shanghai for music festival and he was taking a bath, and I checked his mobile phone because I am really curious, and taraa I found this messages, the date is when he told me that meet his causin, and in fact he met her... That's when I am in other city for work. I know, I know I have no rights. I am confused about his feelings toward me and this Chinese girl, he said that it is only for hook up. Even he introduced me to his friends and family.


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  • He wants his Sweet Cake and Eat it Two by being with Her And... You.
    He is Not this Ready Eddy to be in a Real Relationship, although he Shows Some Sure Signs that down the Love Line, you Could be the One, hun, he is Now bring home to Sunday Dinner as his Prize Winner.
    You both need to talk. He is being this Honest John on one end by telling you One thing and then does Another with this Other. And you are Enabling it.
    Get on the Same page, this could Turn into an Unhealthy Relationship and A big Problem.
    Good luck. xx

  • I don't think you should trust him. He obviously lied to you.

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