What to do if you're a rubbish kisser?

What can you do?


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  • Do lip ups. put your lips on a hard wood floor, or tiled floor push up and down with your lips. xD

    Kiss your reflection in the mirror. lol,

    Theres so many kissing ways out there maybe the kind that your doing isn't the one for you. you could try:


    all the different kissing techniques you need. (;

    • Wtf lol? Lip ups? he would have a better chance of practicing beat-boxing to strengthen his lips.

      If he was wanting to practice techniques for kissing, there are plenty of sources online. Just search for the term: "Kissing Tutorial" on any standard search engine.

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  • practice...practice...practice...thats the only thing you can do.

    kiss more and more and one day you'll be perfect.

    btw you won't be considered a bad kisser unless you choke a girl.

  • Practice tieing a cherry stem with your mouth, or unwrapping starburst without ripping the paper. That usually means something! For french kissing, as long as your not choking the girl with your tongue, your not going to be considered bad.

  • Well what do you mean by rubbish there are so many different ways of putting that?!?!?


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  • Practice makes perfect

    - just make sure that you aren't hurting anyones feelings, or giving them the wrong impression of you wanting a relationship when you don't.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

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    • :( wow ...we disagree for the first time?

      I think the guy is saying he sucks at kissing so he wants to get better....therefore I say go watch some kissing online...imitate what you see man...i don't see how getting a girl and using her to learn to kiss is cool thing to do...learn some kissin moves then go for a girl...maybe artist was drunk or something lol

    • It's a good possibility dan, but I've actually always been one for hands-on experience rather than watching a movie or reading a book. It's the way I learn best, plus I get the benefit of playing around and seeing what I like in the situation.

      Furthermore, it's not using people if they have similar desires. If they aren't looking for a relationship but just a simple make-out encounter, it's actually beneficial to both parties :D

      Just make sure to brush your teeth and use mouthwash ;)

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