Girls, do you prefer I ask for your number or give you my number when asking you out on a date?

As the question asks, girls. Who provides whom with digits!

And guys can comment too you want and just assume a girl is asking you out.

  • Ask for my number
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  • Give me your number
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  • Don't ask me out at all
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  • I guess I was raised old fashioned but I was brought up being told the lady never calls the man first. He should ask for your number and call you.

  • I prefer to be asked for mine. That way if you're actually interest, you'll hit me up. But I'm also a more 'aggressive' kinda girl so if a guy is giving me signs he's interested or something and hasn't work up the nerve to ask for my number I'll sometimes write down my number and give it to them

  • Give your number. I almost never give out my number tbh.


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