Help!!! Why is it that one guy always comes back to you when your seeing someone else? Do you think it's coincidence or what?

I'm talking about when you like someone or is seeing someone and then they just stop talking you and you move on to someone else and then that previous person comes back in your life.
Do you think its coincidence or do you think they know that your talking to someone and that's why they come back?

What has your expierences been guys?

Help!!! I need your opinion guys!!!


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  • This is so common. This happened to me when I got into a relationship. Sometimes life or God (If you believe) will test you. Challenge your loyalty and your integrity. So many times there were occasions where it could've risked my relationship, and you just have to stay true and ignore the people or things that would get in the way of what you have and what you're trying to build

    • So does that mean god is saying that this guy I'm seeing is good for me or the other guy that's back in. my life? FYI I like the old guy better but he's not as stable.

    • It depends on the situation. If you've already committed to the new guy, then the previous person is an obstacle and is there to challenge your relationship. But if things are just starting off, it could be another chance for the first guy to redeem himself. But all the control is on you, you have to decide what you want and what's best for yourself

    • I'm just starting off with this new guy. The problem is too I don't know what is best for m

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  • It's an ego thing. He wants to prove to himself that he's better than the other guy.

    • But I don't think he knows about the other guy

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