Friend being rude over a guy?

I've been talking to this guy and things have been a little weird with us. We've been talking for a month and he's not really over his last break up so we've been taking it slow, which I am completely fine with.
I talk to my friend about him occasionally, and she's always so negative about it and recently was like you're ridiculous and shouldn't even be talking to him and kind of going off on me about it.
In the past, she would vent to me about this guy she talked to. He ghosted her, and started dating another girl. Asked me to add him on facebook to creep etc. When the broke up she went right back to him and he did the same thing to her and went back to the girl he previously was wuth.

I get being a concerned friend, but I was taken a back with the rudeness. It's not like I complain to her about him or anything, I dont talk to her at all about him anymore bc of negative things she's said before. She was the one that brought the subject up asking if him and I were still talking.


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  • She's probably jealous. If so, drop her and find new friends. While it is human nature to compare ourselves, there's a difference between healthy and unhealthy comparieon.

    A very close friend of mine did this to me, but it was through financial income. He eventually started to steal from me in very small doses -- the rest is history...

    • I dont know! It's possible because I don't understand why she literally yelled at me over it. Im sorry that happened to you, it is crazy what people will do.

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    • Yes! She is being super immature about it all. there's a way to let you're friends know that situation seems off without being rude. It's just frustrating because she was one of the only friends I had and she acting like a b*tch, and its simply not something I'd ever do to her.

    • As harsh as this may seem, friends come and go. I still value them, but understand that human relationships, all of them, are based upon proximity and relatbility. Remember high school? All those cliques ;)

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  • I was in your exact position with my best friend of 4 years. I was there for her every single time she had anything with all the men problems she had (which were frequent) and she was the type to believe her emotions were more intense and true than anyone else's, and that her love life was more meaningful.

    I met a guy I liked SO MUCH. But, he too was very slow with me because of his own issues. She was continuously negative with me, spoke that he didn't like me and we had nothing (even though she never listened to anything we did anyways) and downsized all we had. I wanted to ask her for help quite a few times and they always ended with us in a fight, or me feeling really upset about her treating me poorly. Long story short, after this happening enough times, I walked away from our friendship and I feel loads better. I never thought I'd end our friendship or not have her in my life as I still love her, but I can't be friends with someone who treats me like that. We haven't spoken in weeks. I won't be reaching out to her and she has a lot of changing to do if she ever wants to be my friend again.

  • Maybe she doesn't want you to go through the exact same thing she did.

    • I could understand that, but it's bit the way to go about it. I know what I'm getting into with the guy I'm talking to because we've been very open with each other. She just gets so heated anytime he comes up in conversation.