When he just responds with one word?

I told him I can't wait to see his face, he said dido. I don't know if he really even means it?


What Guys Said 1

  • He probably does but I hope this isn't a texting "conversation"

    • What do you mean? Why didn't he just say I can't wait to see your face too or something?

    • Well dido implies that.

What Girls Said 2

  • I hope you meant he said " ditto" and not ", dido" because " dido" means mischievous tricks or deeds 😱

    It's annoying when you only get one word responses. It's difficult to know the person's true thoughts and feelings

    I've stopped contact with people for that alone, because it's too frustrating. I just assume the person feels indifferent towards me. Whether that's the case or not , I don't know for sure. I can only judge them based on their short responses, because I have nothing else to judge them by.

    People need to express themselves not just respond with ,"ditto "or "me too "because it comes across as insincere

  • Maybe he doesn't like texting that much.