Can You Help Me With This Guy?

For the past year me and this guy have been taking the same bus together once or twice a week, seeing each other only 5 minutes at a time. we get alone well and always have big conversations.

One day we saw each other out walking. He said "Hey Cutie Pie" and we talked for a bit. Then a few days later on the bus he asked for my number and said we would get drinks sometime. then he didn't call.

I didn't see him for over 2 weeks where he asked for my number again because someone had jokingly took it from. So I wrote it on his hand. then he still hadn't called.

The next week he had apologized for not calling stated a family problem. then asked what I was doing that weekend. I said I was going out of town and he's aid "ohhh your going out of town" then he never called and that was 2 weeks ago and we haven't caught the bus together yet.

Now I'm confused does he still want to hang out, is he interested in me or was he just looking to hangout as friends?

Also what do you suggest I do next time I see him?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds to me like he's interested in getting to know you, but that's he's trying to play it cool. See a lot of us guys have learned from our experiences with women that its actually BAD to be too direct or too eager to call because it makes you think we're needy. I would say you should just chill too, if he really wants to go out he'll let you know.


What Girls Said 1

  • He might be involved with someone else or just not that interested in you. He sounds like he's making a ton of excuses, even just to hang out. Next time you see him, you could give him your number again, but he'll probably lose it somehow and you'll hear another excuse next time you see him. You could always take his number and contact him. If he doesn't want you to take his number or if he doesn't answer your call, then you'll know there's something weird going on and then I would just suggest forgetting about him.