In a weird situation, should I ask him to hang out?

So.. I matched with this guy from my old high school on tinder a couple weeks ago. He was in that popular crowd, ya know. I wasn't at all.. Now we go to the same college in the same town. We've been talking on Snapchat, and we are just having a fun time talking about life and regular things. Not a lot of flirting or anything. I mentioned we should hang out and he said "sure :)" about a week ago.

I want to ask him to do something specific this weekend (not sure what yet... any suggestions?)

I'm totally into him, he's funny and cute and just everything I look for in a guy. I really can't tell if he's into me or not. And I'm afraid what his friends would say about me if we went out cause I'm so shy and never talked to any of them during high school, I don't know what they think about me. I mean he seems to like me... I really don't know. I'm nervous, I've never been on a date before, kissed someone... I've done nothing. (I'm 20 :/ ) I'm also worried it would be horribly awkward meeting him. He saw me the other day (I saw him too) but he wasn't sure it was me so didn't say hi, he texted me after he saw me and told me...
I guess I just need some advice. I'm so inexperienced.

Thanks so much.


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  • Even thought I do too, you can't worry about what others think. Who cares what his friends think. If he is not a man with a backbone, you don't want him anyway.

    Find something you want to do this weekend and ask him to do it with you.

    "Hey the new Batman movie is out this weekend. It looks really good. Do you want to go see it on Friday?"

    He will say:
    Yes = good you have a date - set up the details
    No, but would you like to go to... = just as good. What you wanted was to see him anyway.
    No and nothing else = he is not interested in seeing you and you can forget about him and move on to the next guy.

    It sounds easier than it is to do, I know, but that will let you know.

    Good luck


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  • He already agreed to hang out with you, which means he probably sort of likes you.

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