Made things super awkward with a girl?

Girl in my class, we were friendly and liked talking to each other...

But the more we talked, the more I fell in love...

So I started acting nervous and shy around her...

and I also tried asking her out, but I was nervous and she could tell and kinda indirectly said no.

Now she is really uncomfortable around me, and I feel so ashamed, embarrassed, humiliated, all the time... especially when she is around :(

Can I stop feeling like this?

I am a normal guy, I've asked girls out before, I talk to them... no problem... but her I really liked and I guess I got really nervous.

I feel so ashamed :(


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  • Yes, just try to forget the fact that she rejected you. There is nothing to be ashamed, you gave it a shot and was out there. Nerves got the better of you and even though it did not work in your favour, you had to at least try. Just be yourself and try to make her feel comfortable by letting her know its okay that she said no. Eventually, things will be alright.

    • I gave it such a terrible shot :( ... I could have done things so much better... I am getting over her slowly...

      The problem now is I made her feel uncomfortable around me, I really hate that, I feel so... I don't have the right word, humiliated I guess...

      She laughs and talks to other classmates, but if I'm around she is so tense...

      Is there a way I can stop caring? It's eating me up.

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    • You shouldn't. There is nothing wrong with you. Just the wrong girl for you, bro. It happens to the best of us.

    • I guess so

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