FIRST date , need advices plz?

i know a girl on fb and we've been talking on phone and texting for 4 years , we both love each other and we'r kinda online dating and for the first time in 4 years we'll meet and i dont even know what to do or talk about what ( awkward ) i mean it's the first time right :P so what m i supposed to say or talk about? i appriciate all advices :)


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  • There are multiple topics to choose from. You can talk to her about anything.


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  • I mean you guys have talked on the phone so, the only difference is you will be seeing her and probably getting great sex considering it's been 4 years.

    • hhhh that's the probleme i mean we talked about every damn thing but you propably right

    • I wouldn't worry about it too much, be happy not stressed out and overthinking. It will be completely fine. Good luck dude.

    • thank's man i apreciate it