He found out that I like him and now he's ignoring me?

I had a crush on my co-worker for about 2 months. We were always nice to each other (since we know each other from high school as well), we always greeted each other and smiled and had nice conversations. Well I started liking him romantically but I was too shy to ask him out on a date. I gave him all the signs but nada de nada, he was just too oblivious. Then I asked one of our mutual friends if he has a girlfriend and she told her boyfriend that and her boyfriend told it to my guy. Ever since he found out he's been ignoring me rudely and completely. He keeps long distance from me, he doesn't even say hi back and is making a really weird face every time he sees me. I feel like shit. I think he is way too immature, I'm ashamed I ever liked him! He is acting like he hates me. WTF? Why is he like this?


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  • One key word. Coworker. You don't date coworkers no matter how good the chemistry. He may have leant that the hard way and is now over protecting himself and you from what could end up being a very bad situation. Don't read to much into it.

  • Complete waste of time babe, ignore him and forget about him.


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  • Its not that its immature. He is not interested in you in that way. He wasn't looking for a girlfriend, and he is still in shock and doesn't know how to handle it. I think that you need to be me open minded and stop being/growing bitter. If it bothers you that much, then confront him for his behavior. Sometimes I can get like that when I hear somebody has a crush on me. Because that is not what I want or looking for. But they get mad because you won't date them. That is immaturely. But he is handling it very poorly. In what way is he being rude besides not saying Hi back? He doesn't hate you. He just doesn't know how to handle it and its too awkward and weird to be around a person who is interested in you romantically or sexually. Romance, ok. Sexually, no. Mainly if its lust. But if you have genuine reasons as to why you are attracted to him, then you need to explain yourself instead of getting mad. Right now he's avoiding you because he doesn't know how to be friends with somebody who is interested more than that.

    • I'm not mad at him for not wanting to date me, that would be stupid. Actually I'm not even mad to begin with. I just feel bad because he's treating me like I've done something wrong, something terrible. I'm not acting any different then I always was, even back then when I didn't liked him romantically. I'm just being friendly and nice like towards everyone in the company. We passed each other in the hallway (I was walking with few colleagues and he too wasn't alone) and I said "hi" to him as I always do, and he just looked at me, turned his head away and completely ignored me. My colleagues were laughing about it later. Luckily we don't work in the same department, but still... I think this very immature.

    • @Asker

      You still need to confront him and do so outside the work place. Your coworkers are the ones who is very immature. I will say that if he is behaving in that manner, then yes I will say he is being not just rude but disrespectful. But did he do it with an attitude or was it just passive?