Have you ever had so big crush to someone that you were unable to talk to them and would just get your tongue tied every time you tried?

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Did you ever get yourself together and talked to them?


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  • When she picks up the phone and I'm not expecting it to be her answering...

    • Aww that's so cute! Awkward yes, but still cute :3

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    • Didn't answer yet so that must be a mistake 😅
      I'd think so. I don’t believe she'd stare straight back at you and keep the eye contact or have hard time starting conversations if she didn’t like you back :) Oh and I don't think she would've agreed the party invitation if she didn't like you :3
      Aww! So you kinda rehearsh what you're going to say? Have you ever not send a message because you got too nervous or started freaking out about it?

    • Ah, guess it was my mistake - too many notifications lol

      Haha, thanks for your insight into that. We are friends, and it seems we are both subtly flirting. She will give me accidental touches, and subtle compliments, or play with her hair sometimes. But the eye contact is what made me fall for her so much.

      I do think a lot about what I will say, to not seem over eager, because I don't want to ruin our friendship over my feelings if they aren't mutual. Even if we weren't friends and I really liked the girl, I'd make sure my wording is on point. I have thought about sending messages but chose not to, because I didn't think I had a good enough excuse to do so lol. Wouldn't a random message of "Hey, how's your day going?" be kind of telling if don't ever talk like that over messages?

What Girls Said 1

  • I always stuttered around him 😂

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