He says when we are out" I just want you all to myself" what does that mean? And other little comments. What is your feeling?

the context is we were out where we usually go dancing meeting with friends. I have usual I dance With and talk to and so does he. He had a girl begging to dance with him and I was talking to a female friend while he guy talked. He came up to me when he was done guy talking and wanted to hang out and that girl tried to get him to dance. We went on the patio and talked and kissed and he said "I just want u all to myself let's get out of here" we did he put his arm around me and we left together.

lsyer when we had our kids together he cuddled with me as they were playing and said "we sure have some good kids don't we?"


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  • Not quite sure what your asking here... seems like some really innocent stuff. When he's out with you he wants to get away, probably touchy feely, loving, sexual? (have you all to himself) . With your kids, he's pointing out that they're playing nicely and are good.

    Are you having doubts?


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  • He means what he says. He wants to be with you and talk to you without other people interrupting and without needing to worry what they have to say or think about what you are saying


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