Netflix Official? Guys, what do you think of his suggestion that it takes our relationship to a new level?

Here is a silly, but possibly interesting situation.

I have been dating this man for 2 to 3 months and am just going with the flow... We haven't discussed anything seriously, but I am confident he is interested.

We were at his house and I mentioned wanting to watch a show on Netflix. He mentioned he didn't have his subscription anymore and I said I would set up my account on his TV so we could watch the show.

He jokingly said to me, "Wow, are you sure? That's like a whole new level to our relationship."

I laughed...

Then he responded with, "I was kinda joking, but I was also being serious."

I responded with, a laugh and said, "You're silly."

In hindsight, I know this wasn't the best response. I really just thought he was being silly.

However, when I mentioned this comment to my friend, she informed me that doing what I did was an actual thing... that it was called "Netflix Official."

Apparently, there was a Netflix survey that said 51% believed this was a big step in a relationship.

I immediately felt like I was the silly one. I was completely ignorant to this ridiculous label and now wonder if this is truly something that I should acknowledge. I mean, not really acknowledge the Netflix Official label, but maybe he was trying to get at something else...

Honestly, I feel like it isn't something I should concern myself with, but I understand that everyone has their own perspectives and I don't want him to think I am not interested in looking at our relationship as something serious, if that makes sense... Especially if he was trying to have a real conversation with me.

Overall, I am not trying to get hung up on some title involving a streaming service. I am wondering if his comment was pointing to the much bigger question, "Where is this heading?"

What are your thoughts on this?




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  • Even relationships nowadays are based on dumb corporate trends. Undoubtedly this was perpetuated by Netflix. same way Sony says the average PS4 player is 28 years old, male, and successful. You're full of shit Sony. Mine as well just say they have a nine inch dick as well.

    I let my friend use my Netflix account. Doesn't mean I wanted to suck his dick.

    • Hahaha! I know, right? The Netflix survey seemed kinda ridiculous. They surveyed people and the apparently 17% said they wouldn't give out their password unless they were engaged.

      Who can trust this shit anyway...

    • @Asker exactly, it's all just marketing. If he says our relationship is getting serious, great. But tying Netflix into it... he can say it without tying Netflix into it. I wouldn't take it that seriously. He may have been joking. Or, he may have been joking but also trying to get a reading. I'm not sure.

      If you feel that the relationship is getting serious, you can respond with "yes it is" next time he asks if you want. But wait until he just says it instead of talking about Netflix accounts.

  • I have never heard of Netflix Official, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist. I certainly wouldn't consider it that big a step, definitely not "the next level" of a relationship.

  • I thought you meant netflix and chill?

    • Haha, no... apparently he felt my letting him use his account meant a lot more. Maybe. Honestly, I just wanted to watch the show.

    • I guess it's saying i trust you not to mess up my account some how?
      Though im not sure you can do much damage with someones netflix account and they can always just cancel it. Am i right in thinking everything on netflix is free to watch once you have an account?