What does this statement mean?

I'm talking about a possible relationship with this guy I'm seeing. I told him I wanted to keep it casual for awhile. He said, "sure. And if a relationship comes out of it great. If not, that's ok too".

  • He's definitely looking at a relationship as an option
  • He could be BS-ing
  • He doesn't seem to want a relationship
  • No way to tell
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  • He doesn't care or doesn't want to seem more interested in it that you. You have told him its not important to you, why should he tell you otherwise?

    • No, he knows I'm open to a relationship. We decided to take it a step further, from the time I told him I wanted to keep it causal, and we are now exclusive but not in a relationship. This is because I have had issues with relationships in the past and want to make sure I'm making all the right moves. Now I'm feeling more feelings and am starting to get a little freaked out; a very typical symptom of feelings for me. I think I want to make it official but am afraid. So I'm really just looking for an answer to ease my mind.

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    • We've agreed to exclusively sleep with each other, basically

    • And thank you so much for your input :)

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  • Are you serious? He literally answered with what the definition of what keeping it casual means. Sounds like he's willing to go along with what you want so take it.


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  • He'd like to be in a relationship with you, but is not pushing it