What to do when a guy is out of a long term relationship?

I asked this a couple of days ago, didn't get much replies.
basically I started hanging out with someone who is just out of a long term relationship. We had a great time when we met but I told him no to giving my number and that I think we should leave it until he's ready. He got in contact anyway and we had a few dates.
He doesn't want to add me on Facebook so not to hurt his exes feelings. Didn't want to go out to a gig because she would be there, I said that's fine, he keeps saying he's thankful I'm so understanding. We were meant to have another date and he cancelled for work and said he would try to reschedule when his rota came out.
i said if he wants we can leave hanging out until he sorts his head out and I wouldn't mind, but he said he did want to hang out.
he's really bad at texting, I rarely text him first as I don't want to overwhelm him.
but I'm getting quite bored :/ i like him and I would not do or say anything that would put him under pressure. He said he's already had a rebound relationship so that's not what this is, but I don't know.
Has anyone been in this situation? Or In his shoes? What is the best way to go forward?


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What Guys Said 2

  • If he wants to hide you from his ex, he is not over her. It's ok for you and his ex to not meet, that would be weird, but he shouldn't hide you from her either.

    Cool it with him until his actions match his words.

  • If he is still worried about his ex then I don't think his rebound worked like it was suppose to. You will be the rebound


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  • I agree with Borginborg you will be the rebound. He is obviously not over his ex, which means he would not be able to have a healthy relationship with you. Usually when people get out of a long term relationship it takes quite a while, months to years, before they can have a healthy relationship. If his previous rebound had worked like it should, then he would have no problem being seen with you. I have been a rebound before and it is more work than fun. In the end, you are left feeling hurt and used. If I were you I would not try to pursue a relationship with this guy because he is not ready.