Rolling eyes in confusion. Help before they don't come back down again. Am I wasting my energy?

Had a friend with benefits. He had a girlfriend (shameful yes, on both our parts) but the relationship wasn't working and hadn't been for a long time (No excuse, I know and yes, still shameful) We have known each other for years and get on well.
Long story short. Him and the girlfriend split about a month ago.
We text all day of every day (not new) Go out to eat together, go to each other's houses for evenings, spend days off together (we both work shifts) and spend more time than we ever have done with each other.
No sex though. Bit of flirting (quite a bit) but then that's it.
Am I wasting my time?
Im confused.
Men, help me out here. Would you sleep with someone for months then suddenly not want to anymore, yet want to spend hours with her and if so, why?


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  • Maybe. If I was getting my sh*t together after a relationship that didn't work. But every situation is unique. Sounds like you're in one of those "square pegs, round holes" type of thing. Your situation is pretty unique. But at the moment, he sees you as comforting.

  • Yes you are wasting your time. Even if you did have a relationship with him, he would do the same to you that he did to his girl friend.

    Remember, you didn't make a commitment to his girlfriend he did. What you did wasn't great, but what he did was wrong.

    And in the future, when he cheats on you, he will tell you: "you knew who I was and you chose to have a relationship anyway."

    You are someone who will sleep with some they care about. He is someone who will 1) cheat on his SO 2) keep sleeping with his SO while he is sleeping with you.


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  • I think you're definitely wasting your time.