Why did he ask me on a date just to stand me up?

So I have been hanging out with this guy for a while now. He is 25 and I am 22. We have hooked up a few times, everything but sex and have been keeping things fairly casual. Recently I let him know I was looking for something more serious and that if he wasn't that was fine, but I wanted to go on real dates with someone etc. He told me that he liked me and understood what I meant and that he wanted to step his game up with me. He texted me the day after to talk (we don't normally text so this was rare. ) and then the next day he texted me again and asked me on a date. He said he would be off work the next day around 6 and would call me then to figure out the details. Well today was the day of the date and he never text me or anything... not even to cancel... and I could see he had been active on facebook. Why did he ask me out just to stand me up?


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  • He may have forgotten.. but no matter what that was a dick move on his part. That's a red flag even if he forgot so I don't know how want to proceed but no matter what it was a complete douche move.


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  • Did you text him?

    If not you may never know.

    Bottom line though:
    He forgot = you are not that important to him
    Something else came up = you are not that important to him



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  • He got what he wanted from you. Do not agree to see him again and do not sleep w/him. Next time don't give it up so fast especially if you want something long term.