Does he like me just as a friend or maybe more?

I met this guy a few weeks back and we have become good friends. We met on a Thursday and hung out the next Thursday. He then said he wants to make hanging out with me a habit. He has asked me out every Thursday since we met. Do you think he likes me as more or just as his friend?


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  • If you've hung out twice, has he tried to do ANYTHING that would make you think otherwise? Like I dunno touching, or flirting here and there, trying to hold your hand, longer than usual hug when you leave?

    Some guys suck at making their intentions known, then they get on here and complain about being in the friend zone lol. It's possible he's shy, me personally I'm going to be at least trying to hold someone's hand or do something the first time we hang out to show that I'm interested.

    • The only thing he has done with me is he hugs me when we see each other and leave. He high fives me when we do activities that are competitive and sometimes he will nudge my arm. He noticed a scar on my leg and traced it with his finger and asked how I got it? I am terrible at dating or reading signs, so I don't know if this means anything.

    • I would call that trying to touch you yes, he's probably just testing the waters so to speak to judge your reactions. From what he's said to doing things like that he probably has interest, but not be the best at escalating things. Just grab his damn hand and hold it next time you are together, that should pretty much get the point across. There's no harm in it.

    • I will try that when I see him tomorrow! Thank you so much! :)

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