"She cool, I'm just working on me right now", is there hope he'll be interested in the future?

The man I like who is in medical school was asked by a mutual friend / wingman if he was interested and he said "she's cool, I'm just working on me right now". (He repeated what he said to the friend to me later in conversation.)

Is there any hope of him being interested when he's less bombarded with school/life or was that his subtle way of saying "not interested and will not be"? He's a great kind guy who wouldn't want to hurt my feelings.

How do I gauge this out without being so blunt and making it uncomfortable for him by putting him "on the spot"?

Should I continue trying to be his friend and casually talking even though I told him I was interested?

(We talked today for 2 hours and things seemed fine however it's hard to see if he'll ever be interested.)

Insight would be wonderful!


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  • Possible but don't hold your breath. If he really liked you he would make time. I know it hard but he would make some time and ask you to be patient while he is still in school. Sorry


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  • That to me sounds like his not interested.