Ex girlfriend has texted and sent me pictures but how do I procced?

ex of 3 years broke up 9 months ago, she left me for someone else within 3 weeks of the break up.

over the 9 months she would always stay in contact with me even when I just completely ignored her. If I ignored her she'll go to my best friend and get him to contact me.

well fast forward to Monday I get my monthly text from her. I kept it short and ended.

the next morning got a random text from her again asking how my family is doing, Ignored it.

Later that night she randomly text me "hope you had a good night". I ignored it

this morning I woke up to her sending me a picture of us two at the park.

over the corse I've went out and did my thing, I dated but none worked out. My ex and her guy failed horrible from what I heard he was the complete opposite of me.

over the time I felt I want to give me and her relationship another try but I don't want to jump the gun to quick.

shoukd I reply to the picture text or keep going NC until she caves in and just pour it all out


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  • Keep ignoring her. Don't return to her under any circumstances.


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