Your boyfriend Is A LOSER?

If your parents didn't like your bf- would you break up with him?
My boyfriend of 2 years and I broke up for 3 months (he was violent, we fought verbally etc). We got back together 2 months ago, and are happy, but my parents still don't accept him, and don't want him around.

What would you do?


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  • If I had a daughter and her boyfriend was violent with her I would NEVER accept him under any circumstances.


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  • I would never take back someone who was violent with me.
    You're essentially telling him 'its okay to be violent with you' because you took him back. Have some standards. I wouldn't want him around if I were your parents either.

    • I understand that, and honestly I agree. But we have been living together for the past few months and after seeing a therapist neither of us are violent anymore. He is different and so am I.

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  • It really depends.. based on your story he's violent of course your parents don't like him who wants their daughter (or son) to be in potential danger.

  • I need more info.
    Why is he a considered a loser? Why don't you parents like him? Why did you get back together and why did you break up