Random rebound hookup guy now messages me asking to borrow money for jobs and traffic ticket?

I met this guy through mutual interests, we met and hooked up. It was purely a rebound hookup.. and we casually messaged after and less than a week has gone by and he's asked me to borrow money to get materials to finish some job. I didn't reply.. because I was like really? He messaged the next day and said "I hope you know I was kidding it was a joke" so I asked if it was supposed to be funny? He said yeah... OK whatever right? Then the next day he messages and says "Fml I'm fixing to end up with a warrant for a fucking ticket" & "I'm not going to be able to pay this ticket by tomorrow so I'm going to end up with a warrant"
I had asked him how old he was the day after he asked to borrow $100 for a job, as kind of a bitchy rhetorical question. Like don't you have a credit card in case of emergencies? He's medically retired military. And older than me. I'm just wondering what his deal is, is he just shameless or a user or what? He has family and friends why is this dude badgering me for money and sympathy?


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  • I don't know why women are attracted to guys like this. If I were you, I'd run as fast as you can. What is it with women and broke losers? But yes, he's a user and a loser and will always be a leech if you let him sink his teeth into you. Get away now before you start justifying it.

    That said, you should forget the unemployed guy and just let me take you to Las Vegas for a weekend so I can show you how a real man treats a beautiful girl. I'm just saying... ;-)

    • I definitely am not attracted to this type of behavior in men... I can't believe he didn't even get the hint when I asked him how old he was.. definitely leaving this loser in the dust

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  • Clearly he just thinks as you guys slept together you owe him something

    • I owe him NOTHING lol the sex only lasted 3 minutes and I'm not ugly enough to have to give him money to f*** me lol

    • Haha I'm not saying you do but thats clearly how he thinks. Or he's deluded himself you guys are now together