Asking her out. Does this sound good?

It's my only choice, we been out before and we are friends:) And our only communication available is by text!:(
I'll say.
"Are you free this weekend?" If she says yes:)
"I would like to take you to the museum on Saturday, than we can get ice cream?"

what does that should like? Where can we go?


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What Girls Said 1

  • It sounds good to me. You can take her to the museum, or the zoo, or to the coffee-house.


What Guys Said 2

  • If she don't like you back then your wasting your time and money. You must know how she feels and where you stand with her. Before making any decisions like that.

    • I'm positive she likes me:) besides in our second date she paid for mine and her ice cream? Than, she could like me

  • Word it like this.
    "Are you free this weekend?"
    "Cool, look I'm gonna go check out this museum I've been wanting to go to, and I'd think it would be more fun if you came with". Leave out the ice cream thing until after the date.

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