If a man raises or can raise a woman's social status or status to other women does that make him more attractive to her?

I might not be saying this right ladies. Like if a man makes you look better to other females or something like that does that make him more attractive?

I read in a book that someone usually falls in love with someone that raises their status but I am thinking maybe a woman might like a guy if he raises her status with other women or to other women.

I watched a video on youtube about women having crushes on other women and they said they liked the woman because "she had really nice hair" or "she was so funny" and I was thinking maybe the reason why the women liked the other woman is because by being "socially aligned" or associated with that woman she increases her social status or status to other women. Like if a guy is really a confident guy or something like that. Maybe that raises a womans social status with other women. Any ideas on this ladies?

Or another question I have is does having certain qualities make a person more high status with women? Like if a woman sees that a guy has really great eyes or a great smile or something. Is it possible that things like that are attractive because they increase a persons status to women?


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  • Yeah, lame girls who only care about what other people think are gonna agree with this. Others just don't care.


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