Does he really not like me?

Me and my friend sorta had something going on before he went to a different university... at least I thought we did. He hugged me and we flirted and he seemed legitimately upset when I wasn't going to be at his school anymore. He also smiled at me a lot and we fought like a couple. Both of us were too shy to say anything about it but my feelings went a little too far and I can say that I love him.

Fastforward to now and we haven't talked in a couple months... I told him I missed him over the summer and he didn't reply. Now today a girl he was also friends with publically posted she misses him on Facebook and he replied publically and said he misses her too... what the fuck. He never even acted flirty with her or anything. In fact at parties he'd always stay with me. And then after this, he made an Instagram post about how he misses her and she almost made him cry because of her Facebook post, and all this dumb shit.

Now I'M the one crying because I legit thought he liked me... I felt like it was an unspoken thing between us. He even said he would make sure we'd hang out again, yet here he is saying he misses someone else... she did post first but still... should I try talking to him again? Or should I take the fact that he didn't respond last time as he doesn't want to see me again?

I literally hate that he made me love him right now. I can't say I hate him, but I hate that I have feelings and he doesn't give a crap and let me believe we had something special for over six months.

Also a note... I thought I was finally getting over him but then this happens and all my feelings are just insane again


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  • I am sorry, but he lost interest in you and he moved on to the other girl.


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