How do I talk to a girl from my high school that I see on the train? we never talked before?

i have no idea if she even recognizes me but i am interested and would usually just go up to her and ask if she went to the same hs and start a convo that way but as i've already seen her a couple times and not done anything about it, i'm not sure if it'd be weird. thanks!


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  • Get ready for shit to get weird lol. I met a girl from my highschool on tinder once, and it was just kinda awkward, especially sitting there trying to talk about bullshit from highschool. like no thanks.

    I do this all the time though, I see people around town I went to highschool with and just kinda pretend they don't look familiar lol. If she's noticed you once already just play it off like you thought you might have recognized her, but you weren't positive it was the girl from school.


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  • I'd just casually go up and ask "Hey sorry if I'm wrong but did you go to [insert high school name]?" and just pretend like you don't know exactly who she is either. It will spark conversation at least.

    • yes but do u think it's weird that i've already seen her before and never approached? or does it not matter

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    • nice thanks a lot

    • No worries good luck hope it goes well.

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