Bored of life? What to do?


I am feeling like this is it for my life. Is there more to do? Are my expectations too high?

I went to college, got a job, bought my own place, bought a car.

I have traveled a couple times, tried new things, fell in love with a girl that didn't want me.

So apart from never having a girlfriend ( I just am shy and haven't really found someone who accepts me)

I feel like this is it for my life... This is my ceiling, sure I could go buy a nice car, nicer house, travel more etc.

But it there a point?

I didn't really find a passion in life, and don't think there is one for me.

My friends are just busy with their own lives now.

I honestly just work, eat, play on my phone for a bit, come onto this site, and then go to sleep and do it again.

Sure, if there is an event or something I'll check it out... but that's about it... I hate drinking, clubbing and partying... but I also hate staying home on a Friday night...

I guess I am just bored? I don't see a point to anything anymore... I am just waiting 30 years until retirement now.

I am not depressed or anything, and am just not sure what to do now?

What are things that motivate you and make you happy? and How can I do that?


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  • First, no this is not it for u. U have a long life ahead of u. U might meet your future wife/mother of your kids tomorrow or 4 months from now. U might discover something that ur actually super passionate about & enjoy doing.
    Second, I think u should actually be thankful for your life. Just yesterday I was feeling a little down for being in my 20's, still living at home & still going to college but I decide to just be thankful instead of letting that get me down. I hope u can do the same.
    Third, happiness have to come from within. I've learned that a long time ago and I still have to remind myself that from time to time. Don't look to things or people to make u happy. The fact that God wakes u up every morning and protect u throughout the day & night is a blessing (Not sure if u believe in God or not. Ain't tryna offend ya)


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  • Gatta find your nitch. For me it's bodybuilding.

    • I just can't get into it...

      It's so expensive, I am so tired, I don't know how to work out correctly, and it's a bit daunting that it will take me years and years to get fit.

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    • Whats the point? I would just do it to get girls to like me?

      I feel like that's not a good reason for getting fit, i shouldn't do it for girls?

      Other than that, maybe I'm lazy? I have no energy for the gym. Plus 2-3 hours a day, feels daunting too

    • Training isn't just for little sluts dude. Can change your life.. your energy levels.. your confidence. your hormonal balance. your testosterone etc. Training is therapeutic.

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  • where u gonna move once you retire?

    • ur ready for the next stage of life to begin... wife kids marriage maybe

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    • maybe there's a good thing to what she's done... right? I mean could u imagine being serious and years down the line she cheats or worse break ur heart

    • She would have... She had a boyfriend but was leading me on at the time... but I don't know I still love her. I really don't know why.

  • Make life fun.

    • How?

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    • Whats the point of fun?

    • It's the opposite of boredom.

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  • Hit on girls. Trust me...

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