Is this a red flag that means he's losing interest or is it not significant?

I started seeing this guy... we spent all week together
we literally hung out during the day and at night for a week
then yesterday I didn't get to see him and he did text me but he responds kinda slow
he had mentioned several times during the week that he wanted to go out with his friends last night and invite me
he did go out, but he didn't invite me
is this like a bad sign


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  • Maybe, maybe not,

    If we assume the best, maybe he is getting the feeling that he is falling too fast and that he wants the relationship more than you do.

    No one want to be the one that wants it more. The problem is that the natural reaction is to back off. However if the other person is also feeling like they are the one falling faster, the distance can confirm the worst fears of both partners, even though it isn't true.

    If you are falling as fast as he is, make that clear and be scared together. If he is the one falling faster, be kind to him and allow him to put the breaks on a little.

    Good luck :)


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  • Yeah... it kind of sounds like he got burnt out...


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  • Maybe his friends didn't really want a girl along?
    Or he did something shady that he didn't want his girl along.
    I'd question him. See what he says.

  • Maybe not. It just means that he wants to hang out with his guys and might take a break okay. He likes you still so just give it some time.


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