Ex boyfriend kicked me out his home for trying to communicate? How would you feel?

Ex broke up me once a month ago.
He said I doubted him a lot but I had reasons and he treated me badly. He broke up with me before his birthday.

He came back again apologizing 3 weeks after asking for a second chance. I forgave him easily. He said he would take me on a date. We never went on one. However, he wanted me to come over for fun (sex). I asked if he wanted friends with benefits or relationship again. He said whatever I wanted, he wants to do everything with me. We became boyfriend and girlfriend again. So I go back as normal. He starts not texting me as much or calling, I'm doing all the arranging and driving to him. I ask him if there's something wrong. He says he doesn't feel the way we first started dating but had hope we can. He wants me to show him effort so the spark comes again. Eventually I feel like my efforts aren't working. So I asked him in person if he sees it. He says it's only been two days he doesn't know. At this point I've seen him everyday. I'm nervous because I feel like I'm not doing enough, so I'm clinging.

He eventually says he will never make me happy, that he's holding me back, he doesn't feel the same way, he's only holding on to hope. Few minutes earlier he was saying he had feelings and still loved me and didn't want me to go. Now he's saying he doesn't have hope, needs to push me away. I didn't believe him. I felt horrible and followed him and begging him to give me another chance. I asked him one last time to look me in the eye and asked him does he want me or not want me. He told me I'm making this hard and didn't look at me. I said that's not an answer. He looked at me and said he didn't want me.
So I sat there in shock and said wow, so this was all misleading and gave me false hope. He said he doesn't want to hear my mumbling. I said you never cared at all did you? He said can you just leave rudely. I said fine, can you at least walk me to your front door to open it. He said no you can walk yourself out. That broke my heart the most.

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  • How long have you guys dated for?

    • Only known him for 3 months.
      We dated one month. He asked me out and told me he loved me. Became official for another month and then he broke up with me. He came back 3 weeks later. Didn't know what he wanted but was easing back in. I had a gut feeling something was wrong and it didn't feel right. So when I was talking to him and voicing my concerns, he broke up with me again. That's when he kicked me out of his parents home.

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    • I noticed he lies a lot. I was very naive.

    • He was my first sex partner so I had a bond. But he didn't to me since he over 10 exes

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