Girls, pls put ur comment on this?

Is sometimes a girl ignores the guy she like? specially if they dont know each other but pass each other frquently..


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  • I do, but I also ignore people I hate. If someone I like is trying to get my attention then I won't ignore them.

    • What happened is i saw a girl 2 weeks ago.. i got crush on her.. so on that she looked at me 2 3 times.. than i saw her after 1 week. she holds my gaze for like 4 seconds.. than next day she ignored me.. than again she looked at me by moving her head sideways because i was little behind.. than again next day she ignored me.. is it normal? by the way these events happened outside of my shop where i generally stand..

    • She has to pay attention to her surroundings but unless she tells you (or you ask her), then there's no other way to know if she likes you. I would suggest looking at her body language but I doubt you'd notice any clues.

    • Ok.. thanks..