I've been texting this guy for quite sometime. and we were talking about life and I said something, he hasn't texted back? Is this bad?

We've become very close and we hang out, flirt and stuff. We went to this haunted mill thing and we held hands the whole time. Because I was scared to death and secretly wanted to 👌🏻☺️😉. And then we got into this mini fight and he told me that I was one of his only friends (he's really dorky and nerdy, but super funny!) and I texted back this "I'm sorry I'm your only friend. I know what you mean. There's a lot of things you don't know about me, things I hide, things underneath all of the smiles and jokes. Tbh I'm not a very happy person. I have a very hard past. And I don't really have any friends either. It was a really hard move for me." And then texted back saying "Goodnight (his name)❤️️" because it was after he said I have to go. And I was busy at the time so I just sent it after. The next morning I sent "Goodmorning ❤️️" hesitantly because he's usually answers before I'm awake. And he hasn't answered since. I think I scared him away? Or he just it's allowed texting on Sunday. But I got his number on a Tuesday so idk? I'm 14f he's 15f

He called me on his home phone telling me that his dad blocked all of his contacts because of his brothers. It's all good! He called to clarify.


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  • I'm in the same situation with a girl i really like I'm afraid i could've said something she didn't like, but really i didn't say anything that could upset her. All these negative thoughts build up, we tend to think the worse rather than be positive about it. I'd say do what i did send another text then wait, that's what I'm doing. He's probably busy and forgot to check his phone.

    • Thanks! Im just worried I scared him.

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  • he might be busy, plus yes, you might have scared him away because when a beautiful girl says she has a hard past, it might mean a lot of wild bad things. just keep trying to contact him for a while.


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  • Ok my honest opinion, you could have been scared him away.
    If I were texting my date that he's one of my friend (could mean either way, friend zoning him or like him as a friend AND a lover/date which is a good sign) and he texted me the whole essay.. making a big deal about being only friend, apologizing and stuffs.. and what you mean you know what he means? You thought he's friendzoning you? So then if that's what you thought why would you send him good morning text next morning when he's just trying to be a friend? I don't know your reply sounds too much to me I would kind of freak out.

    But that's me. He could be different.
    But him not texting you back to your good morning text doesn't sound right if he always answered you though.
    it could be that he's just busy.
    You done your part and now the ball is in his court. Don't text him anymore just wait and see.
    If it's past 48 hrs I wouldn't expect much and move on..
    Could be tons of reasons behind him not texting you back but unless some serious heavy shit happens, he should reply to you within 24 hrs.

    • First of all I left out the part where he said he really likes me, and he's told me that he's liked me before.

  • I don't think you scared him away. He will probably text you back later on.