How can I be his first choice?

I met this guy and we seem to get along really well. He says things like "you're amazing" "I really like you" "I love your personality" and things like that.
last weekend he invited me to a party and we kissed (for the first time) and it was great.
Since that day we have exchanged a few texts, but that's it. Also he takes forever to reply. He always answer but it takes a lot of time for that to happen. He told me (several times) is because he is really bad at texting.
Anyway... he said we should go and see a movie, I said yes, I propose a day but he couldn't. He asked me what I was going to do the next day, I answered but the plan really never came true.
we kept texting, and I sort of mentioned that I wanted to go to see the movie, he said he wanted too but he never says a specific date or anything.
So I'm thinking there are to things happening here:
1) maybe I don't like him
2) maybe he likes me but I'm his second option, plan B. If that's the case, how can I be his first choice?

All I really want to know is if likes me, and if he does what can I do make him ask me out.

Thanks for all your answers!!!


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  • I definitely say it's 2). He likes you to some extent but however he feels, you're just an option that he wants to keep open. Instead of trying to find a way to win his affections, you should forget him and pursue a guy who is worth your time. If he comes around and decides to show you that you're actually a priority, then you can revisit him.


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  • What made you think that you're his second option?