Why He Gotta Lie?

This guy and I have been talking for months now. We hangout and go on dates and we also work together. So everyone at work sees how we interact with each other at work or they see what we post online. So people at work asked him “are you and kim talking?” He said “no were just friends” then he comes to me and says everyone said that you told them that you and I were talking”

I said that’s a lie because I don’t even talk to anyone at work like that plus when anyone asks about him I say were friends but their not buying it. They see us at work and hanging out outside of work.” Actions speak louder then words.

I just got fed up with him and told him we should just be friends because why would I want to be with someone doenst even want to admit were talking or claim me.

I told him we don’t even have to be friends because I have nothing to say to him. Wednesday night he called me and i told him we should be friends. he said “Im gonna say this, I like you and i want to be with you and I like spending time with you” . Why say all this just to tell everyone at work ”WERE NOT TALKING”


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  • Are you certain he's not in a relationship with someone else? Because what other reason would he have to hide it?


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  • Maybe he was confused about what you guys were, are you going to give him another chance?

    • No, he's all over the place and doesn't quite know what he wants.

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