Feeling like a Nobody?

Well.. This isn't exactly a true question - I'm just looking for advice on a topic. Hopefully I can get some here.. Basically my issue is this, I have been with the same boyfriend for 2years now and we have a beautiful son together. Over the past 2years we have had our fair share of ups and downs - I came into this relationship with a drug problem and that has been an ongoing issue up until I sought help and treatment. I've been doing very well & I am quite proud to say so. But my boyfriend has no faith in my recovery and is always putting me down. I feel like he doesn't support me much. I can't lie there are times when I feel he is totally with me and all for me, but than at other times he's just not. Tonite I got super anxious and upset and I began to cry.. I guess I just wanted him to comfort me and hug me and tell me everything would be ok.
I'm a girl, and girls just need that validation at times. But instead he called me childish and he was harsh toward me. He also said he is just waiting for the day I mess up again. It hurt my feelings a lot and made me feel very alone inside. I love this guy more than words can describe, he's everything to me. It just hurts so bad when he gives me the cold shoulder like he did tonight. Like I said before, literally all I wanted was a hug and some validation that I'm loved and appreciated and he's there for me. I needed that, I needed that real bad. But I didn't get it and it truly broke my heart.. Anyone know what is happening to us? Or some advice? Anything?

please respond!! I'm like totally beside myself rn!


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  • if you were a latina I would expect you to take it, but yet again I dont wanna be like that at all, because Ik how you feel. i dated in my race and I'm be honest, I'm emotional and some girls ignore it and it kinda brings me down. Like like i have my bad days too, but your not gonna care because you expect me to hide my emotions or something?

    hope you know what im talking about.


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  • Your boyfriend sounds like he lacks empathy. Was he always like that? Did you try to tell him that all you were seeking from him was emotional closure?

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