Wine and dined?

So as everyone knows more often than not men take out women on dates to have dinner drinks and have fun. How often do you ladies take a guy out to wine and dine? And guys how do you feel when this happens to you or has it happened to you?


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  • I don't do that anymore. I did that when I had a boyfriend. Now I no longer date.


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  • I've had a few girls offer to take me out and pay for it, but that would only happen after we've been dating for a few months. Its pretty rare though. Dating is fucking expensive.

    • Yes it really is especially if you're activity dating haha.

    • Yeah, I mean I don't mind spending the money, but dropping 50-100 bucks on dinner and drinks just to see if you have some kind of connection, then possibly get ghosted really starts to suck.

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