Met the guy once years ago, now he wants to hang out at his house "one of these nights". How do I let him him know I want to hang out but not there?

I met this guy through a friend of mine about 4 years ago. At the time, she was trying to reconnect with him because he was her childhood crush. Fast forward four years, her and I are no longer friends and I have been single for the last two and a half years following a bad breakup. This new guy, I'll call him B, is three years older than I am and from what I can tell, a lot more like me than other guys I have been with. So, last night he messages me on facebook (this is where we speak btw) after not replying for a couple of days because of some stupid flirty comment from me saying "you should come to my crib one of these nights". ? Honestly the way he said that made me question hanging out with him because he doesn't look like he would and hasn't talked like at all. But, I do want to hang out with him. It's been a really long time since I even flirted with guy, hence my awkward attempt mentioned earlier, and I'm too young to be afraid to even try to date anyone. With that said, I don't want to go hang out at his house, the first time we ever REALLY meet, at night. How can I suggest we meet up, during the day, in public without sounding A) like I'm afraid of him and/or B) like I am definitely younger?


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  • If I ask her a girl to come hang out at my house its because I want it to end with going upstairs. Just keep that in mind lol.

    However its not someone you really know that well. It doesn't make you sound scared if you just hit him up and say something like "Hey I have to go run some errands want to meet me at starbucks for a while?" It doesn't take much more that.


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  • He's just looking for sex. Just so you know.

    How do you suggest meeting up in public? Well just figure out something specific you want to do together and tell him he should go there with you instead.

    • Ugh, that's what I thought but was hoping otherwise. This is why I haven't dated in almost 3 years. It's hopeless!

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