What does he really want with me?

I have this friend and recently we both realized that we liked each other more than we thought. He started asking me when I was free all the time. One day I kissed him on the cheek because he said it was nothing to him, but then he kissed me on the lips.

He told me that he wanted to make me his girlfriend right then and there but he had other factors preventing him. He told me he's never randomly kissed someone like that. He said he was unsure if he should take the next step. Then one day out of the blue he said that he honestly was trying to stay away from relationships and didn't want to do anything sexual unless he was in a relationship.

I feel like he really likes me cause he always finds time to spend with me and tells me he likes hanging out with me. What's his deal though? Is he scared? Will he ever take it to the next level? Should I just continue hanging out with him?


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  • well as a man ^^ I don't know, may be you shouldn't keep hanging out with him, it's like a sort of punishment, like you are telling him " if you want me to hang up with you, you have to commit in this relationship" because who knows may be he does that to hang up with you and in the same time he stays free so he can hang up with other girls , so takes away your rights to punish him if you see him with an other ..

    any way I don't know him personally so I can't judge him , and I don't wanna be pessimistic, it was just a point of view to be considered

    i hope everything will go as you wish... good luck ^^

    • I'm not pressuring him at all. If he doesn't ask me I wouldn't hate him or stop being friends. I'm not the one bring up relationship stuff all the time...he is. I don't care if he sees someone else...I was just focusing on hanging with him and having fun. That's what puzzles me.

    • Ok so I guess there is no problem , keep hanging with him , have a good time , and enjoy the moment ... but don't expect too much from this relationship , or you'll start being jealous , then end-up with a broken heart..

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  • Continue hanging out with him, he's being straight forward with you and honest. Not trying to hurt you with giving you false hope. He wants to know how you handle being friends whether you're going to hate him for saying that he's not ready. He just likes you and he wants to like you for a while before rushing into a relationship and being committed.

  • maybe he's just afraid of the thought of being in a relationship. he could be confused of why he did that. I say you should just continue hanging with him as you usually do. Things could happen, thoughts could change ;)