I want to know where he's at with us in his own mind, to try and settle mine. HELP?

I am trying my hardest to slow down and stop liking this guy. (He is really bad for me) I don't really want to go in to detail as to why. I just get a really shady vibe from him and he has a bad reputation in work. However, he keeps pursuing me. I'm trying to keep away from him but we spent the night together the other night (making that the third occasion) he knows he can't see me again after that night, it sounds ridiculous but I limited him to three, because I felt it would become a really bad habit. He went on about how much he liked me and how he knew if we continued it'd be harder for him to let go, and he begged me not to leave work and go to a job interview. The part confusing me most is he told me he wished he could stop time when he was with me. Wtf does that mean? if he is some big player then he's got what he wanted, why say shit like that? My punctuation is terrible I hope you can understand... can someone help me settle my mind so I can process and deal with it, instead of it intoxicating my thoughts


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  • Just ask him

    • I'm scared to

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    • Touché 😂

    • MHO! Thanks

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