How does dating work?

Im an 18 year old dude, and this is not a troll i swear. Im actually just totally a late bloomer and i had no idea how dating worked when i was in highschool, and i have no clue how to do it now. so i understand your supposed to meet a girl and then ask her out, but like how? your supposed to talk to her? about what? i mean, she's a fucking stranger. And she probably know what you are up to anyways. Talking to girls at school is easy because you have classes and shit together. well even if you do get her number and you take her out, how do you even do it if you dont have a car? take the bus with her like what? and where do you even go to date? whatever, you are on your date, and i still dont know what you are supposed to talk about. seriously ask question about her right? but shit man what if she doesn't have much to say. on top of that, how do you keep the conversation going? and you have to make her laugh too right? dammnn it just seems so complicated. anyways, for some reason you 2 get into a relationship and she wants to know more about you and shit. you can tell her about all your cool hobbies, but what about having a social life? god dammit it seems like you can't get a girlfriend until you have friends. again more work and more effort to maintain friends. my gawd it all just seems so droning but i have try it out because i will feel like im missing something.

relationships are nothing more than narcotics to help us relive the pain of know our life has no meaning.


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  • It's not that difficult. You approach the girl you're interested in, make a small chat, get her number and then you proceed on asking her out.


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  • You're pretending like having friends is some type of monumental feat that requires more energy than it brings back into your life.

    Go live alone in the woods for a few years and tell us how that's less work.

    Relationships are the only thing we have worth anything in this life. Relating to others, sharing stories, connecting, loving, fighting, kissing, punching... it's endless and it's awesome.

    Getting a girlfriend is exactly the same as making a new friend, except there's sexual benefits. If you really don't know the steps then just read a blog or book.

    Complaining that having friends is too much work is like having to make meals and eat three times a day is too much work.

    We put in the effort of eating so we can feel good, and live.

    Having people in our lives is exactly the same. It takes work, and it's worth it.

    Do you complain the much when you're brushing your teeth, or do they just rot in your mouth each day?

    As for getting the girl... it's not complicated when you're focused on being yourself. It's when we get into our heads and we worry what she's thinking that we mess up.

    When you're talking with a buddy about a news event, or sports, do you sit there worried he doesn't like you or that it's too much effort? Hopefully not.

    Dating is exactly the same. You see a girl who's cute. You walk over and say "Hey, I saw you over here, I thought you were cute, I had to say him! I'm Dave." and "Oh that's a nice name. So what are you shopping for here today? Just buying groceries or is there some party you're preparing for?" Bla bla bla

    Getting good with women is exactly the same as getting good at being social. So to practice force yourself to make small talk with all the people you meet while out in the world, like your waitress or the clerk scanning your groceries, or the hottie selling jeans in the mall. Learning how to talk to people takes patience and practice. And it's worth it.

    Good luck!

    ~ Robby

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