What does his behaviour mean?

I need to know if I am wasting my time!

- back in July my friend set me up online with one of her husband's colleagues.
- we started talking and were eventually messaging all day long.
- he was fresh out of a break up in June and has a young toddler.
- my grandad got rushed into hospital and died in the middle of all of this.
- he was there for me and helped me through despite not having to be there for me.
- when the funeral and everything was sorted we said we'd meet up.
- I was happy with a friends with benefits and casual dating situation at first.
- he kept messaging me at about 11pm but at that point it would usually too late in my opinion for a first meet.
- we went back and forth a few weeks, discussing and chatting, and him sometimes suggesting to meet at these times.
- I told him I'd need an earlier time such as 8pm so I could get ready and be at his.
- I have tried being subtle, and have also been blatant with him.
- lately his communication seems to have dropped off in the last week, despite us talking for hours last weekend about meeting up - coming to the conclusion that if we were to be awkward in person a few drinks might help.
- when I message (I did today after nothing for 4 days) he does reply quickly and seems engaged.
- I feel like there's something stopping him actually meeting me so I am not sure where I stand at the moment as I have given space, told him he doesn't have to meet me if doesn't want to, and I'm not sure where to go from this as he now seems less chatty.

help! I've started to quite like the guy now... typically.


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  • I think you need to just let him go. I understand it was supposed to be casual with you but he seams to have lost interest now.

    • Thank you. I think that's what I knew deep down but it just needed someone outside of it to tell me.

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  • Let me guess, you didn't like other people answers including mine that you had to repost this question?

    Ill say it again he JUST WANTS TO HAVE SEX With you he doesn't probably see you as anything in the future but call girl!!