Can you ever fall in love again?

I fell in love with a girl.

I was so happy all the time, the world was rose coloured and magical... I had never felt so good in my life.

But my heart ended up broken badly.

Will another girl ever make me feel the same way?

or does love only happen once in a lifetime?


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  • No...

    • Omg :(

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    • Thanks! Lol like you as a person because you are helping me :) , seem nice and probably help others too!

    • ... I troll quite a lot too, but I guess I'm relatively nice. :p

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  • For me, it only happened once. After that, I was really never able to love that blindly, you know? Like I would have done anything for that girl... given up college, took a job at a gas station, whatever. But the thing is, I think that I'm a better person now. While I'm sort of sad that I'm no longer capable of being that idealistic and stupid, that really was a dumber version of me.

    But that's just me. Maybe you can still do it, but it was something that I was no longer capable of doing and in the end, I'm glad I'm not.

    • Yeah I fell in love blindly, I have improved myself as well, learned a lot... but it sucks I will never feel the same way about a girl again. It was the best feeling ever!

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