Attractive shy girls are cute right? But what about ugly shy girls?

Would you try talking or even be interested in her?
Would you look at her a second time or just ignore her?
Would you even think about her?
Could you imagine dating her?
Being shy and ugly seems like the combination ever...

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  • Try talking to her
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  • Keep her in mind
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  • Try finding her interests
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Visually attractive = cute. The shy/not shy factor isn't that big a deal if she is that.

    If she isn't so positively overwhelming to look at, then she needs to demonstrate attractiveness in another way. Again, being shy or not-shy isn't that important a factor.

    If her looks aren't considered outstanding, a talkative girl that says unattractive things will generally be considered unattractive. A shy girl with that appearance who smiles at a guy sometimes and possibly says a few words occasionally will generally be seen as attractive.

    • hmm okay, thanks for your opinion.

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  • A girl who is ugly to me? I probably avoid flirting or anything because I absolutely do not want to hurt anyones feelings so I make sure to never lead anyone on. But ugly doesn't mean a whole lot, it's too broad. You might say "ugly compared to other girls" that doesn't mean you aren't cute, or cute in some way, or have things that I like about you like nice hair or cute butt or something. Every girl has something nice about them.

    • hmm nice. Thanks for your opinion. xD

  • If I don't find a girl attractive, and she's shy so I don't know anything about her, I doubt I'd say much to her.

    • Yeah, kinda seems like one of the worst combinations... lol

    • It isn't a death sentence though.
      If the girl is shy she can work on changing that - that doesn't mean she's little miss sociable overnight but taking steps no matter how small to get out of her shyness will pay off down the road. Shyness can be overcome if you work at it.
      "Ugly" is a relative term. For instance I think Kate Upton is gorgeous but my best friend truly thinks she is ugly. Girls who believe they are ugly have no idea there are men out there who think they are beautiful

    • yay :)

  • Just because you find some girls as ugly doesn't mean that guys will find her the same way.. Some of us find beauty in a woman's actions :)

    • I'm calling myself ugly (compared to other girls around me) and shy... I won't call another girl ugly lol xD

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    • 100%

    • No! It broke the normal everyday level of 100 and reached a level close to 128% according to my awesometer. Can't seem to get a patent as an app for some reason..

  • So no redeeming qualities? Ugly and shy and low self image?

  • I avoid shy girls all together

  • What makes her ugly

  • I try to talk, I don't got any friends at my school no more.

    • aw ;-;, no more? what did you do?

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    • feelsbadman, at least you can make new ones :)

    • Nah fam, I'm not Mexican like the rest

  • Harsh reality is pretty and shy consider as cute while ugly and shy are just dumb. For both genders.


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