Ever ignored the advice you got here?

I asked a question here a long time ago. I had been talking to this guy I really loved but who outright said he was NOT interested in me and only saw me as a friend. He was also interested in a different girl at the time. But I just had a feeling he wasn't being honest. I asked if I should keep trying and stick around and being a good friend in the hopes he eventually feels the same and everyone said I was stupid and would just be wasting my time.

Well, I disregarded that (sorry) and kept talking to him every day, even if it was only to say "have a good day at work" or "dress warmly" or whatever. Eventually he said he felt like I was forcing him to like me and I felt bad so I gave up and stopped talking to him.

After a couple days he texted me saying he couldn't stop thinking about me no matter how hard he tried and admitted that he's in love with me and he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. We've been together and very happy for almost 2 years now. So yeah. Follow your intuition and gut feeling sometimes!

Has anyone else ever gotten advice that they did the opposite of, or maybe that worked out badly?


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  • I think advice on here is more of a way to get other peoples thoughts and advice. Its good to have a sounding board sometimes and get some different eye's on a situation. However you are totally correct that anything said on here shouldn't be taken as gospel.

    It helps to get opinions from people on a situation, but at the end of the day this is just a bunch of random people on the internet that aren't living it and can't understand the situation beyond hows its described.

    Its good that you went with how you feel and awesome that it worked out for the best. Everyone will snap to a judgement usually based off what they do in their life and it is clearly not always the best thing for every situation.

    I've posted questions on here before and took everyone's thoughts in consideration and did what I thought was the best plan of action, but it is nice to hear what other people think about the situation.


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  • I really don't follow anyone's advice on here unless I think it's really good but usually it's not.. lmao! :-P
    I am like you and follow my gut feeling always and it has never failed me. I am so happy for you by the way. :-)

    • Thank you so much! Yeah, it's crazy to me to think I wouldn't be this happy if I listened to everyone who was calling me delusional and saying "he's clearly not into you!"

    • You Welcome hun! :-)

    • Thanks for MHG! :-)

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  • So when you left him alone which is what everyone told you to do he asked you out? I'm missing how that was bad advice. But I do agree that you need to take the advice you get on here with a grain of salt. Because we only know what you type in the question and that usually means a lot of missing info.

    • No, he said he fell in love with me BECAUSE i kept talking to him and trying even after he initially rejected me. If I stopped talking to him when people advised me to, we definitely would not be together now.

    • Here is an example of the missing info I was talking about you never said he told you that keeping talking to him worked.

    • I thought I put that in there but I guess not. But yeah, he admitted he wasn't interested in me AT FIRST, but my persistance paid off. To be fair, my tactic might not have worked so well if I was fat and ugly. I'm not suggesting all girls just keep pursuing guys who aren't interested, but I think sometimes you should trust your intuition because there are people who are not always honest about their feelings or are slower to develop them.

  • I asked if it's okay for me to go on the dating scene. it was mixed, and prior to that I asked if I should date outside my race and if it was okay and a lot said it not okay. And tbh Latinas are beautiful women but it just not my type.

    • Me and my boyfriend are an interracial couple. I think if you find a girl you like, who cares if she is not the same race? I think it's totally fine. You should do what feels right for you. 😊

  • Are u talking about meeting through this website?

    • No, I'm talking about asking advice on this website and then not following it. 😂

    • What advice? 😂
      Forget all just enjoy dudes n chicks of GAG n flirt n chat with them babe ;)

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