First date?

where is a good location to go for a first date?


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  • Avoid stereotypical and boring ideas; give her something refreshing and be original.

    Here's a good starter list:

    - Go to the park and toss a frisby/football back and forth while talking (Kinda hard to hear)

    - Go for a walk along the river and playfully push her in, then swim with her in your clothes

    - Go to the monkey bars at the park, sit on top, and have a picnic. Tease her about being a slob.


    **IMPORTANT:: It's not what you go; it's what you do while you are there. Remember that.**

    My personal favorite, which not many people think about; is that I will take her with me to go run chores. This shows her that she isn't my number one priority, but that I am inviting her to be part of my life. Later that evening, I will a lot an hour or so for us to spend time together without doing chores; that way she can see that I have a fun/interactive side too.

    - It's killer, give it a shot. (And please avoid going to get your hair done.. I'm talking about things like: Driving to the bank / Going to get groceries / etc)

    Have fun with it. My recommendation is to just assume that you both are role-playing and let her play along with you; my favorite "scenario" is where we are already husband and wife, but that we flirt a lot. It's powerful.

    Good luck man, let me know how it goes.



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  • Movies is good go there first then maybe get like coffee or something afterwards and the movie instantly gives you something to talk about so the conversation can grow from there and there isn't and awkwardness of initiating a convo. But like other things are fun to maybe it seems a little juvenile but going like mini golfing or bowling is so much more fun then just sitting around.

  • Th movies, that way you have 2 different ways to see where this relationship will take you.

    1) you could possibly make out

    2.) you could watch the movie, ocassionally laugh and do the whole arm around her thing.

    NOT A HORROR a comedy.


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