25 year old boyfriend having sex in his room while parents home-- can you do that?

My ex just turned 25 this year and lives with his parents. I'm 3 years younger and I live on my own. He never came over to my apt but I always went to his home. His room is close to his parents and brothers due to their small home. At first I found it disrespectful and didn't want to do anything but he said it was ok and I was naive back then. We had sex in his small room while he locked his door. His parents home and sometimes would knock on door or call him from their cell phone from downstairs because they don't want to disturb. Now that I look back; that was all bad and embarrassing/ shows the lack of respect he had. Could you guys ever do that?

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  • That is something a boy would do, not a man.

  • Respect is the watch word.

    • Indeed. I should've known when he considered hanging out in his room and wanted me to watch him play video games good bonding time with his girlfriend. *rolls eyes*

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